10 Celebrity Homes – Lighting Inspiration

Have you ever wondered what kinds of lights the rich and famous are using in their multi-million dollar homes? Well we have! Here is a little celebrity inspiration that will blow your mind and perhaps help you with your next lighting purchase…

1. Selena Gomez – This Texas mansion was put up for sale by the young starlet and has a surprisingly traditional feel considering it’s owner. This kitchen looks like more than enough room for entertaining and the two chandeliers mounted above the island compliment it very nicely.

2. Yves Saint Laurent – WOW! This stunning home located in Marrakech features an insane array of colour, pattern and ornate, gold lighting. It’s certainly a home you could never be bored in!

3. Dennis Quaid – These photos were taken after the property was listed for sale and so it’s likely that the lights were switched out for recessed to simplify the look and increase buyer interest. Still, there’s something about the simplistic lighting is quite lovey in this space! We’re not complaining…But we are daydreaming about all the alternate lighting possibilities!

4. Beyonce and Jay-Z – This rental property in the Hamptons has a ton of cool features including a bowling alley, spa and private gym. But how lovely is this bedroom?! It’s contemporary design is light, airy and romantic; the perfect temporary housing for the power-house couple.

5. Frank Lloyd Wright – This home was actually designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright for Charles and Mabel Ennis and was later purchased and restored by Ron Burke. The house, like all of Wright’s work, is a true masterpiece with meticulous, unique details all throughout such as stained glass, a unique floor plan and ornate columns and wall detailing.

6. Karl Lagerfeld – This fashion mogul is the creative director for Chanel, Fendi and his own eponymous fashion house. The property, designed to emulate a Roman villa, speak to the owner’s artistic eye and has a ton of Art Deco and Romanesque features. We could definitely curl up with a good book in this dreamy living room.

7. Meg Ryan – The design for this Soho loft was conceived by the actress and sold for $10 million in 2017. Her mix of traditional grandeur and New York sophistication come together beautifully in this luxury home and the black and white colour scheme is pulled off in the best of ways.

8. Meryl Streep – Another New York gem put on the market! This Tribeca beauty seems like just the kind of place our Screen Queen could kick back and relax. The kitchen is shown with bare bones recessed lighting (again, likely swapped for resale) but they still suit the modern kitchen and leave just enough room for the other amazing features to take the stage.

9. Tommy Hilfiger – This impressive Greenwich mansion is just the right amount of “Chalet Chic”. While the antler detailed chandelier might be an acquired taste for some  (ie: this blogger) it definitely suits this larger-than-life, country living paradise.

10. The Four Seasons Penthouse – Granted, this incredible hotel suite doesn’t necessarily count as a “celebrity” property, but rest assured it has temporarily housed many members of the A-List crowd. We are definitely day-dreaming about a vacation spent lounging in this perfect living space.

Well hopefully that gives you a little interior design eye candy! While these high-budget designs may not be your cup of tea (or easy on the wallet) they can hopefully give you some things to shoot for (and maybe avoid?) for your next home improvement project. 🙂

*All images taken from Elle Decor.


Design Advice – 5 Ways to Decorate with Rugs!

We’ve just added some gorgeous rugs to our showroom so we thought we’d ask our in-house designers what the latest trends are for these woven beauties! Here are 5 trends to help you choose the best piece for your home.

Photo: @rugandweave

1. BOLD DESIGNS – Traditional rugs from Turkey and Morocco have recently made a huge  impact on interior design. These elegant, geometric patterns come in all kinds of bold colours and work beautifully with a mid-century or Scandinavian modern aesthetic. Use muted colours for a more sophisticated look and brighter colours for a cheerful, fun look.
Renwil pick: Cedar 5×7 rug

Photo: @zoesbazaar

2. BLACK AND WHITE – Keeping in line with our Turkish inspired designs, this neutral pattern works with any room. A black and white colour scheme is timeless and leaves lots of room for colour in furniture and accessories. Although, if you are using it in a high impact area (think small children and pets) then white may not be the best option.
Renwil pick: Carrara 5×7 rug

Photo: @lvebdesign

3. LAYERS – Why have one when you can have two (or three)? Layering creates a plush, cozy feel and gives an opportunity to create some visual interest with multiple patterns and textures. For an easy 1-2-3 method, start with a neutral rug made from natural fibres, then follow with a patterned rug and top with animal skin (or faux animal skin).
Renwil pick: Atlantis 5×7 rug

Photo: @trybe.collective

4. VINTAGE – Gently worn isn’t a bad thing! Vintage rugs can be a great conversation piece and a little wear and tear can make for perfectly toned-down colours. Recycling older pieces is also environmentally friendly and creates less waste. Estate sales, thrift stores and antique shops are great places to start but if you’re still not quite finding that perfect rug, we’ve got some great options to get the ‘vintage look’.
Renwil pick: S&C – Elmsmere 8×10 rug

Photo: skaynedesigns

5. ALTERNATIVE APPLICATIONS – Rugs aren’t just for the floor. These colourful patterns can be used as display pieces as well. Hang it on the wall or drape over the bedspread to add a little flair to your space. This is also a great option for vintage finds that aren’t quite in good enough shape to functionally use on the floor, but are too pretty to leave behind. Don’t let them go to waste! They deserve to be displayed!
Renwil pick: S&C – Marmor 8×10 rug

Hopefully these examples have given you some useful inspiration for your own home! Remember, the in-house designers at Chateau Lighting are always here to bounce ideas off of and to give design tips and advice. We’ll see you the next time you visit us!

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LIGHTING THE KITCHEN ISLAND – with a Single Junction Box

An increasingly common feature in modern homes is the kitchen island. It’s one of the areas in the home that sees the most use – a great place to have a quick meal without utilizing the dining room, the centre of all the morning hustle and bustle and…let’s face it…it’s where your guests always end up chatting the night away (why don’t they ever sit on the couch?). SO…let’s talk about lighting for your kitchen island. If you’re home is a new build, it’s likely the kitchen island area has been wired with 3 (or more) separate junction boxes in order to accommodate multiple light fixtures. But if you are renovating, or if your home simply isn’t designed this way, then you may only be working with a single J-box and this changes things. How do you get that lovely, multi-pendant look with only one power source? Here are 3 different ways to make it happen!

  1. Multi-pendant bar light
    There are tons of options for this style of fixture and the result is gorgeous! It can create a more layered effect or you can go with a simpler style with less pendants. The other benefit to this route is you can actually end up with a better light output since you aren’t limited to 3 single pendants. While the image shown caters to a more rustic look, these bar lights also come in a plethora of other styles and finishes such as chrome or brushed nickel.
  2. Billiard ChandelierWhile these lights were originally stylized for the pool table in the basement, they have come a long way and are now being used in lots of other applications! One example is (you guessed it) the kitchen island. Their width and rectangular shape follows the lines of the cabinetry and creates an aligned, balanced look. They also come in several different styles and finishes. Not exactly the drab billiard lighting of their predecessors, am I right?!
  3. Multi Pendant PortThese pendant systems are becoming increasingly popular! Their design allows you to select the number of pendants you want to extend from one base and from there you can position them individual by installing hooks and creating a swag. While this may be a little more complicated to actually install, it gives you more room to play around with placement. The result is a minimalist, sophisticated look.

  4. Chandelier For a more ‘grand’ look, why not go with an ornate chandelier?  While this moves away from the multi pendant aesthetic, it is a great focal point and will still give off ample light. If you do decide to go this route, try to go simpler on the rest of the kitchen lighting to avoid taking away from the statement piece.

Hopefully this gave you some inspiration for your kitchen island area! By the way, here’s a couple other tips to help you with installing your island lighting: Try to hang your lights about 30-36″ from the counter surface. This will give ample light without you having to bump your head while working around the counter.  And if you are working with 3 separate pendants from 3 separate power sources, try to space them about 30 inches apart.

Thanks for popping by the Chateau Lighting Blog and we’ll chat with you soon! 😉

Just for Kids! Designing a Bedroom for Kids

4 Tips for Designing a Bedroom for Kids

Designing a kid’s bedroom can be a challenge! Of course we want it to be their own personal space, but also something they won’t get sick of (or grow out of) in 6 months. Plus you might be wanting to keep resale value in mind so maybe going crazy with the wallpaper and colourful paint isn’t the best idea. We’ve got some amazing kids lighting in the Chateau Lighting showroom and so we thought it would be helpful to give some tips on designing a kids bedroom.

Image: Firefly Lighting

    One thing about kids…They grow quickly and change constantly! That’s why it’s best to keep the furniture pieces simple, sturdy and long-lasting using fabrics and accessories to personalize. Don’t get too stylized, otherwise you’ll be purchasing another expensive piece of furniture within a few months. Clean lines and neutral, wood finishes are great pieces to work around and give much more room to change up the look when they’re ready for a re-vamp.

    Image: Tiffany Fahra Design

    A child’s bedroom is a place to play and grow. Allowing kids to put their input into the design of their space is a great way to encourage their creativity and allows them to take pride in their environment. If their ideas are too big or too ‘out there’ to execute, maybe consider incorporating their ideas on a smaller scale. A rainbow painted wall may not be in the cards, but perhaps a rainbow comforter set or hanging art work. This can also be an opportunity to display their artwork or creative projects on the walls.

    Let’s face it, their room is going to be filled with toys and clutter. But it’s a lot easier for kids to pick up after themselves if they have a place to put their things. Multiple drawers, chests and cabinets make is much simpler to clean up after play time and create good habits in taking care of their space.

    Photo: funarchmodelling.com

    Let them have some fun! Creative play area additions such as hammocks, swings, tents…These are elements that will add a special, unique feeling to your child’s space. Remember, this doesn’t have to be something as large scale as a faux tree built into the space (see above picture), but something as simple as a chalkboard wall will make the play area that much more fun…And give you more quiet time while the kids play! 😉

IMPORTED LIGHTING – The Cost of Buying Cheap Lighting

By Julie Adams

With companies like Amazon and Ali Express offering thousands of low-cost options for home lighting, it’s easy to opt for the less expensive option when shopping for home upgrades, even if it means waiting a few weeks for shipping. These online Super Stores allow consumers to purchase inexpensive products manufactured overseas while still staying up to date on the latest trends and appealing to the design and budget conscious shopper. Most people who purchase these products understand that they are not getting the utmost in quality, but still feel this is a small price to pay for access to cheap, aesthetically pleasing lighting products. But while this may seem like an ideal solution for the frugile shopper, these products come with their own costs, many of which the average consumer is not aware of.

  1. UNTESTED AND UNREGULATED – In Canada, all lighting and electrical products must be tested and approved by certified safety organizations in order to be sold in retail stores. But not every country has the same regulatory system and it is not a foreign company’s responsibility to ensure that their products meet the standards of the product’s destination. Reputable importers will ensure that they are dealing with manufacturers that are not only producing fixtures that are compliant, but also using components that meet the same rigorous guidelines. According to Fredrik Gronkvist, co-founder of Chinaimportal.com, “most Chinese suppliers, I’d say around 90-95 per cent in most industries, are unable to manufacture items in compliance. Just because a company can assemble LED lights doesn’t mean they actually know anything about the product.” It’s also not uncommon for manufacturers to place fake safety approval stickers on their products in order to sell in higher volumes or, they will refuse to pursue safety testing until they reach a certain order volume. But even when they reach this point, safety testing can take several months and most manufacturers would rather complete the sale than wait. A huge amount of imported electrical products are now being tested and stopped at the border due to non-compliance issues such as unsafe amounts of voltage output. This is, of course, a disappointing scenario for importers but what’s worse is the dangers the consumer faces if these products are allowed through the border and into the hands of unsuspecting buyers.
  2. HOUSEHOLD HAZARDS AND INSURANCE ISSUES – Obviously, when it comes to electrical products, safety regulations are put in place for a reason. Unsafe voltage output, poorly executed wiring or flammable materials can lead to electrical shock, damage to the fixture/appliance and even electrical fires, but that’s not the worst of it. A growing number of insurance companies will no longer honour claims for household damage caused by uncertified lighting and electrical products. This puts many home owners who purchase these products at risk as this is a policy detail they are often not aware of. And while the majority of lighting stores deal exclusively with reputable suppliers that sell only certified fixtures, more and more home décor outlets, and sometimes even showrooms, are incorporating products that are imported directly from foreign manufacturers, posing a higher risk to shoppers for unreliable and non-compliant fixtures. It’s important to clarify with your local retailer whether or not their items are compliant with domestic electrical guidelines. If they seem unsure, don’t risk it!
  3. REPLACEMENT COMPONENTS AND WARANTEE – Even tested and reliable fixtures can have the occasional issue. Parts wear out over time and sometimes a singled out “lemon” can be overlooked during factory inspection. Fortunately, most lighting suppliers will offer warrantee on their products and if the item is past the point of coverage, replacement parts are available for purchase when needed. However, unregulated products are rarely covered under warrantee and replacement parts are not only difficult to find but often unreliable and cheaply made. Even if a supplier from a domestic brand has ‘compatible’ replacement parts, they will not be willing to combine their components with an unknown fixture for liability reasons. Without proper testing, there is no knowing how one component will work with another fixture in the long run. For your own safety, choose certified brands that can offer coverage or replacement parts should your fixture need it.
  4. RETURN POLICIES AND ACCOUNTABILITY – If a consumer wishes to return an item purchased online, the process can be frustrating and tedious. Contacting the appropriate department and shipping the item to it’s place of origin is a time consuming process and companies may have restrictive policies outlining what constitutes an acceptable return. When dealing with an approved supplier, buyers can trust that defective components and products can be returned and replaced either through the retail outlet, or the distribution centre. Your local showroom sales associate or regional supplier account representative can assist in ensuring this process goes smoothly.

While the lighting industry is constantly evolving and new options are emerging all the time, consumers are advised to ensure they are buying products from retail outlets that deal with reputable suppliers. And while you may pay a slightly higher tag price at checkout, you’ll save on shipping and a long list of other costs associated with unregulated imported electrical products. A certified lighting showroom can guide you through the process of purchasing certified products and also give you design and technical advice on your project, making sure you are purchasing the smartest, and safest, lighting solution for your home.

Chateau Lighting – An Edmonton Lighting Store for Everyone!

Chateau Lighting – An Edmonton Lighting Store for Everyone

Have you ever walked into a store and immediately felt a little uncomfortable? In our experience, the design industry comes with its share of “hoity-toity” attitudes. We’ve all been there, an unfriendly and pretentious sales person can make you feel like you’re starring in your own version of “Pretty Woman”. What we consciously try to strive for at Chateau, is creating an inclusive atmosphere in our showroom. Yes, we care about a clean and presentable showroom, but this doesn’t mean our customers should have to suffer through a stiff and impersonal shopping experience. We try to greet every single customer with a friendly “hello” and our goal is to make sure everybody leaves with an experience that exceeds their expectations. Whether than means delivering an item to their home, providing them with complimentary design advice or booking an installation, we want our customers to leave feeling not only satisfied, but impressed.

In addition to making sure our customers are treated with respect and care, we also prioritize maintaining a showroom that accommodates those with limited mobility, in wheelchairs or power chairs. This means an access ramp to our front entrance and wide walkways within the store that allows for easy movement while shopping. It shouldn’t be a challenge to have an enjoyable shopping experience, it should be fun!

Most of all, we want to invite some much needed neighbourly attitude into the design industry. Because in Edmonton, we’re really just a city full of neighbours! And designing your home should be a creative and exciting process, not something that you dread. Hopefully we can be a part of that process and help to make it a little easier, and especially, a little more fun!



3 Modern Fixtures to Freshen Up Your Space


We’ve been busy stocking our showroom with tons of new, exciting light fixtures over the last few weeks and we’re excited to show off the goods. From chandeliers, to pendants to vanities, we’re rolling out the latest and greatest in lighting trends and, not to toot our own horn, but the showroom has never looked better! So, without further adieu, here are 3 of our favourite picks from the Chateau Lighting Showroom:

#1 AXIS CHANDELIER from Renwil

We’re seeing gold and brass finishes coming back a big way! With new applications, these aren’t the gold fixtures your aunt had hanging in her basement (you know the one I’m talking about). Sleek, modern lines and round bulbs give this chandelier a ton of character and compliment the dusty pink upholstery of the dining chairs perfectly. And best of all…the price! At $359 this is an affordable statement piece that will immediately update the look of any space.


Who doesn’t love bubbles?! This fun fixture is a total show stopper with it’s sleek chrome finish and clear globe glass shades. It’s unique and decorative while still giving off a good amount of light. And bonus: The collection includes 8 light, 6 light, single pendant, billiard style, vanity and flush mount options. The possibilities are endless! (10 light fixture pictured is $599).

#3 THAMES PENDANT from Renwil

Of course we threw another one from Renwil in here! This simple pendant is subtle with its concrete finish and bell shaped shade, but still makes a definitive statement. Since the light doesn’t diffuse out the sides, we don’t recommend using this in an area that requires task lighting. But it offers some fantastic ambient light and makes any room look fresh and sophisticated. ($179.99).

Well those are our picks for this week! Stay tuned to the Chateau Lighting blog to stay updated on new product, design tips and all things lighting. Until next time!


New Suppliers, New Goodies and a Big Winner!

First of all, we have to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to our Instagram winner, @kelley.probe! We collaborated with some amazing local brands to create our ‘Edmonton Lifestyle Brand’ prize package and Kelley was our lucky winner. She will be taking home a $200 gift certificate toward a Chateau Lighting fixture, $500 toward a custom dining table from Urban Timber, a year subscription for Avenue Magazine and some gorgeous home accessories from Revolve Furnishings. We love to give back to our customers and we will be doing more giveaways as time goes on so stay tuned for your chance to win some free stuff!

Onto some other big news, we’ve got new stuff! It’s been a process moving old product out of the store and bringing in all the wonderful, new pieces that accurately represent the new vision of Chateau Lighting, but the showroom is looking better than ever and we’re excited to show you what we’ve got to offer!

If you’d like to come in for a free design consultation, we are open Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 9-6, Thurs 9-8 and Sun 11-4. We’d love to give you a tour of our showroom and help you with whatever your upcoming project is. No commission, no pressure.

Have a great week everyone!

Let’s Talk About Light Temperature!

Choosing a bulb for your light fixture can be overwhelming! There are so many options out there; LED, CFL, Incandescent, Halogen…Not to mention the bulb type your fixture requires, such as A19, G9 etc. On top of all that, there is one more factor to consider: light temperature!

Don’t worry, we can help with that. If you’ve ever looked at the box that your light bulb came in, you may notice there are a few different pieces of information provided for you. One of these is a number followed by the letter K. This is the light temperature measured in Kelvin. The higher on the Kelvin scale your bulb is, the whiter the light will appear, giving off a light quality closer to natural “daylight”. The lower on the scale your bulb is, the warmer, or more yellow, it will appear.

Most household lights should house bulbs between 2500-3500 K, with those on the higher end of the scale being used for areas of the home that require task lighting, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Bulbs on the lower end of the scale should be used in areas that require more ambient lighting. Lights that rank higher than 3500 K are generally reserved for commercial grade buildings such as offices or hospitals and are designed to be more functional than flattering.

The following chart illustrates the comparisons of light temperature:

Chart taken from lumens.com

Hopefully that helps you choose your bulbs for your home! Remember, if ever have questions about your home lighting, feel free to visit the Chateau Lighting Showroom and our knowledgable staff can help you with your next lighting project.

Chateau Lighting and 102.3 NOW Radio Chat on the Air

Last week we heard Adam Mckale of Sonic 102.3 FM delivering some banter about Chateau Lighting on the air (the radio station is right across the street). They noticed some changes over here at the shop and mistakenly thought Chateau was still under the same management, closed for a day, and re-opened in a sly attempt at capitalizing on a never-ending “closing sale”. Uh oh!!

So naturally our owner, Matt, gave him a call to set the record and Adam returned to the air giving a gracious (and second every on radio! haha) apology to Chateau Lighting. That’s some friendly neighbourly love! We’re glad the real story is out and luckily, the whole thing was recorded for your listening pleasure. Follow the link below and check it out for yourself!